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Optimum Solar Carrier Systems

Highly engineering optimized solutions

With Our Solar Energy Expertise

Optimized Solutions

Carrier System Design

We optimize your projects with specially designed carrier systems to ensure that your solar panels are in the most appropriate position and angle. In every project, we produce solutions that will maximize the potential of solar energy. In our design process, we offer systems carefully designed by our expert team, taking into account the characteristics of your project and regional factors.

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Static Project Planning

To get your solar energy projects off to a perfect start, we guarantee reliability and efficiency at every stage with our static project design service. Our engineering precision ensures that your projects are built on a strong foundation. Thanks to structural analyzes and detailed engineering calculations, we offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project.

Purchasing Consultancy

We offer budget-friendly solutions by determining the most suitable materials and equipment for your projects with our experienced team during the purchasing phase. We help you realize your projects safely with quality material supply and cost effectiveness. Our expertise in supply chain management ensures that your project progresses smoothly at every stage.

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who are we

About Our Company

BACİK was established to produce innovative and optimum solutions in the solar energy sector. We act with the vision of providing sustainable and effective solutions to the energy needs of the future.


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Carrier System Supply

Our services

Meet Optimized Solutions

In order to offer the best solutions in the solar energy industry, we maximize your projects with our special services.



Static Project Planning

Current System Audit

Special Projects

Quality control

Supply Planning

Production tracking

What We Do

Our projects

Discover our special and impressive projects that maximize our expertise and engineering skills in the field of solar energy, with projects realized with optimum carrier systems.

With Optimum Carrier Systems

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